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Versatile solutions and best air quality. As an exclusive trading partner of ALMiG, we supply high-quality modules that can be individually combined to create a perfectly fitting compressed air solution, depending on requirements and user requirements.

Compressed air treatment

We supply you with high-quality device units for your medical compressed air treatment: Our filtration guarantees an air quality according to ISO 8573-1 as well as an extremely low differential pressure for maximum efficiency and productivity. Cold regenerating adsorption dryers process the compressed air reliably and efficiently into medical breathing air according to Pharmacopoea Europaea. To dry compressed air in an economical way, we have the air-cooled DRYPOINT® RA compressed air refrigeration dryers in our range. In compressed air treatment, the formation of mostly oil-containing, contaminated with dirt particles and the amount of which is not constant in the amount of condensate is unavoidable. With our condensate technology, the resulting condensate is drained off without loss of compressed air and energy costs and CO2 emissions are saved. We also offer an oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates that has been tried and tested for decades.

Compressed air and room monitoring

The overview of standards and innovations can quickly be lost. We work with you to ensure that your medical gas supply system is monitored in accordance with standards. 
According to the DIN EN ISO 7396-1: 2016-09 standard, the gas supply systems must be retrofitted or equipped with monitoring sensors. Rooms in which gas can accumulate must be equipped with an oxygen monitor and a display at the entrance to warn of oxygen concentrations below 19.5 % or above 23.5 %. For supply systems for CO2, a CO2 sensor with a display at the entrance must be installed to ensure the safety of the personnel. In addition, at least one dew point and CO alarm sensor must be installed downstream of all conditioning units.

Vacuum pumps

Rotary vane vacuum pumps stand for modern and energy-efficient vacuum generation in a wide variety of applications everywhere in medical technology - whether in intermittent operation or around the clock: you can rely on our vacuum pumps.

Medical compressed gas systems

The fully automatic switchover systems, with pneumatically controlled changeover, are responsible for the control, regulation and monitoring of the medical gas supply systems. Connection boards for cold gas tanks, pressure reducing stations, bottle holders and identification boards are part of our portfolio for medical compressed gas systems.

Tapping points and air motor

Tapping points can be positioned wherever they are needed to extract compressed gases and vacuum from the central medical gas supply system according to the process. Thanks to the gas type-specific coding and the internal and external gas type fuse, there can be no confusion of the connectors. The Air Motor tapping points support the drive of compressed air-operated surgical tools.

Anesthetic gas delivery systems

Extraction without compressed air. Part of the anesthetic gas escapes into the environment during anesthesia. The removal of these gases is a requirement of the professional association, since anesthetic gas mixtures are shown to be harmful to health. In order to protect personnel and patients, the anesthetic gases must be released outdoors in rooms where anesthesia is administered. To discharge the excess gases, we offer a fan-controlled anesthetic gas transmission system, which does not require a compressed air supply, but only a 230V socket.

Connection devices

Our large portfolio of connection devices for medical supply units stands for optimum quality, reliability and a functional design: flow meters, step flow meters, O2 / air mixers, O2 therapy units, O2 combination units, humidifiers, nebulizers, vacuum regulating valves, vacuum regulating valve, thorax Drainages, compressed air injectors, continuous drainage injectors, vacuum regulating valve and compressed air injector with water supply, extraction couplings, extraction distribution box, extraction point pressure reducers, regulating valves, bottle pressure reducers

Accessories such as O2, air connection hoses, cleaning guns, bottle trolleys, tube holders, infusion bottle carriers, catheter basket, secretion collecting glass, O2 mask, O2 nasal cannula also belong to the equipment of the connection devices.

Medical supply units

Supply units for OR, intensive care and ward are available in different versions. The ceiling supply units offer flexible positioning and optimal use of space in the operating room and in intensive care. This results in a clear assignment of devices and free movement of all components. We have design-oriented medical care units in our portfolio for the well-being and recovery of patients. The bed rails merge with the architecture to form a unit, to integrative room concepts that visually calm the sick room - with maximum functionality and ergonomics for staff and patients.

Medical emergency power supply

Protection against power failure through medical UPS systems with 3h bridging time and more! Emergency power supply in the OR is an important topic that should not be underestimated. Even today, entire cities can suffer from a sudden power failure or a short circuit that causes the OP power supply to fail. That is why it is the duty as an operating theater operator to set up a medical UPS in accordance with the guidelines of the Medical Devices Act. We have the right medical UPS system for mobile intra-clinical transport or stationary installation.


A high-quality pipe system made of copper and stainless steel ensures the internal clinical distribution of the medical gases and the vacuum. A special copper pipe according to DIN EN 13348 is used for transport between the head office and the tapping points. The high-purity stainless steel system is used for the transport of ultrapure gases.

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