Medi­cal gas sup­ply in hos­pi­tals and ope­ra­ting theaters

Inno­va­tive and high qua­lity pro­ducts for medi­cal gas supply


Ver­sa­tile solu­ti­ons and the best air qua­lity! Tog­e­ther with our part­ners, we deli­ver high-qua­lity air com­pres­sors that can be put tog­e­ther indi­vi­du­ally to create a cus­tom-fit com­pres­sed air solu­tion, depen­ding on the needs and wis­hes of the user. We offer a com­plete range of oil-lub­ri­ca­ted and oil-free com­pres­sing compressors.

Com­pres­sor Sys­tems Made in Germany

• reci­pro­ca­ting compressors

• screw compressors

• Con­trols  

• Com­pres­sed air treatment


Com­pres­sed air treatment

We sup­ply you with high-qua­lity equip­ment units for your medi­cal com­pres­sed air pre­pa­ra­tion: Our fil­tra­tion gua­ran­tees air qua­lity in accordance with ISO 8573–1 as well as an extre­mely low dif­fe­ren­tial pres­sure for maxi­mum effi­ci­ency and pro­duc­ti­vity. Cold rege­ne­ra­tive adsorp­tion dry­ers pro­cess the com­pres­sed air reli­ably and effi­ci­ently into medi­cal breat­hing air accord­ing to Phar­ma­co­poea Euro­paea. In order to dry com­pres­sed air in an eco­no­mi­cal way, we have the air-coo­led DRYPOINT® RA com­pres­sed air ref­ri­gera­tion dryer in our range. During the pre­pa­ra­tion of com­pres­sed air, the for­ma­tion of mostly oily con­den­sate that is con­ta­mi­na­ted with dirt par­ti­cles and the amount of which is not con­stant is unavo­ida­ble. With our con­den­sate tech­no­logy, the resul­ting con­den­sate is drai­ned away without loss of com­pres­sed air and energy costs and CO2 emis­si­ons are saved. We also offer an oil-water sepa­ra­tion sys­tem for disper­sed con­den­sa­tes that has been tried and tes­ted for decades.

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Com­pres­sed air and room monitoring

The over­view of stan­dards and inno­va­tions can quickly be lost. Tog­e­ther with you, we ensure that your medi­cal gas sup­ply sys­tem is moni­to­red in accordance with stan­dards. 
Accord­ing to the DIN EN ISO 7396–1: 2016-09 stan­dard, the gas sup­ply sys­tems must be retro­fit­ted or equip­ped with moni­to­ring sen­sors with immediate effect. Rooms where gas can accu­mu­late must be equip­ped with an oxy­gen moni­tor and a dis­play at the ent­rance to warn of oxy­gen con­cen­tra­ti­ons below 19.5 % or above 23.5 %. In the case of sup­ply sys­tems for CO2, a CO2 sen­sor with a dis­play must be instal­led at the ent­rance to ensure the safety of the per­son­nel. In addi­tion, at least one dew point and CO alarm sen­sor must be instal­led down­stream of all con­di­tio­ning units.


Vacuum pumps

Rotary vane vacuum pumps stand for modern and energy-effi­ci­ent vacuum genera­tion in a wide variety of app­li­ca­ti­ons ever­y­where in medi­cal tech­no­logy – whe­ther in inter­mit­tent ope­ra­tion or around the clock: you can rely on our vacuum pumps.


Medi­cal pres­su­ri­zed gas systems

The fully auto­ma­tic swit­ching sys­tems, with pneu­ma­ti­cally con­trol­led swit­ching, are respon­si­ble for the con­trol, regu­la­tion and con­trol of the medi­cal gas sup­ply sys­tems. Con­nec­tion boards for cold gas tanks, pres­sure redu­cing sta­ti­ons, bot­tle hol­ders and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion boards are part of our port­fo­lio for ever­ything to do with medi­cal com­pres­sed gas systems.

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Extrac­tion points and air motor

Extrac­tion points can be posi­tio­ned whe­re­ver they are nee­ded to extract pres­su­ri­zed gases and vacuum from the cen­tral medi­cal gas sup­ply sys­tem. Thanks to the gas type-spe­ci­fic coding and the inter­nal and exter­nal gas type safety device, the plugs can­not be mixed up. The Air-Motor tap­ping points sup­port the drive of com­pres­sed air-ope­ra­ted sur­gi­cal tools.

ZGA Entnahmestellen

Anesthe­tic gas deli­very systems

Extrac­tion without com­pres­sed air. Part of the anesthe­tic gas escapes into the envi­ron­ment during anesthe­sia. The remo­val of these gases is a requi­re­ment of the pro­fes­sio­nal asso­cia­tion, since anesthe­tic gas mix­tures are shown to be harm­ful to health. In order to pro­tect staff and pati­ents, the anesthe­tic gases must be dischar­ged out­doors in rooms where anesthe­sia is admi­nis­te­red. To discharge the excess gases, we offer a fan-con­trol­led anesthe­tic gas trans­mis­sion sys­tem, which does not require a com­pres­sed air sup­ply, but only a 230V socket.


Con­nec­ting devices

Our large port­fo­lio of con­nec­tion devices for the medi­cal sup­ply units stand for opti­mum qua­lity, relia­bi­lity and a func­tio­nal design: flow­me­ters, step flow­me­ters, O2 / air mixers, O2 the­rapy units, O2 com­bi­na­tion units, humi­di­fiers, nebu­li­sers, vacuum regu­la­ting val­ves, vacuum regu­la­ting valve tho­rax Drains, com­pres­sed air injec­tors, per­ma­nent drai­nage injec­tors, vacuum regu­la­ting valve and com­pres­sed air injec­tor with water reserve, extrac­tion cou­plings, extrac­tion dis­tri­bu­tor box, extrac­tion point pres­sure redu­cers, regu­la­ting val­ves, cylin­der pres­sure reducers

Access­ories such as O2 and Air con­nec­tion hoses, clea­ning guns, bot­tle trol­leys, hose hol­ders, infu­sion bot­tle car­ri­ers, cathe­ter bas­kets, secre­tion collec­ting jars, O2 masks, O2 nasal can­nula are also part of the equip­ment of the con­nec­tion devices.

Medi­cal sup­ply units

Sup­ply units for ope­ra­ting thea­ters, inten­sive care units and wards are avail­able in dif­fe­rent designs. The cei­ling sup­ply units offer fle­xi­ble posi­tio­ning and opti­mal use of space in the ope­ra­ting thea­ter and in inten­sive care. This results in a clear allo­ca­tion of devices and free move­ment of all com­pon­ents. For the well-being and reco­very of pati­ents, we have design-ori­en­ted medi­cal sup­ply units in our port­fo­lio. The bed rails merge with the archi­tec­ture to form a unit, to form inte­gra­tive room con­cepts that visually calm the hos­pi­tal room – with maxi­mum func­tio­n­a­lity and ergo­no­mics for staff and patients.

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Emer­gency medi­cal power supply

Pro­tec­tion against power fail­ure by medi­cal UPS sys­tems with a brid­ging time of 3 hours and more! Emer­gency power sup­ply in the ope­ra­ting thea­ter is an important topic that should not be unde­re­sti­ma­ted. Even today, ent­ire cities can suf­fer from a sud­den power outage or a short cir­cuit can occur that cau­ses the OP power sup­ply to fail. It is the­re­fore the duty of the ope­ra­ting thea­ter ope­ra­tor to set up a medi­cal UPS in accordance with the gui­de­li­nes of the Medi­cal Devices Act. We have the right medi­cal UPS sys­tem for mobile intra-cli­ni­cal trans­port or sta­tio­nary installation.

USV Anlage


A high-qua­lity line sys­tem made of cop­per and stain­less steel ensu­res the intra-cli­ni­cal dis­tri­bu­tion of the medi­cal gases and the vacuum. A spe­cial cop­per pipe in accordance with DIN EN 13348 is used for trans­port bet­ween the con­trol cen­ter and the tap­ping points. The high-purity stain­less steel sys­tem is used for the trans­port of high-purity gases.


High qua­lity pro­ducts for medi­cal Hos­pi­tal and sur­gi­cal cen­ter gas sys­tems you can rely on.

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