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Bal­dus Medi­cal GmbH & Co. KG
In the long haul 32
56170 Ben­dorf

Email: info@baldus-medical.de
Tele­phone: 0049 261/96 38 926–0
Fax: 0049 261/96 38 926–20

With your con­sent by sen­ding a mes­sage using the con­tact form, the per­so­nal infor­ma­tion you vol­un­ta­rily pro­vi­ded above will be used Data from us (Imprint) for the pur­pose of com­mu­ni­ca­tion by e‑mail or, if necessary, tele­phone with you regar­ding your inquiry and pro­ces­sed for the inten­ded pur­pose. We have your rights with regard to per­so­nal data and fur­ther infor­ma­tion on data pro­tec­tion in our Pri­vacy Policy sum­ma­ri­zed.

Best advice and best service

Dominic Weber

Domi­nic Weber
Aut­ho­ri­zed signa­tory / assem­bly and pro­ject manage­ment
+49 (0)261/96 38 926 – 15

Jan Schmitz

Jan Schmitz
ZGA Head of Ser­vice
+49 (0)261/96 38 926 – 34

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