Your opinion on the department med. central gas supply

In November 2019 we conducted another opinion poll about our department of med. central gas supply systems. We came to the conclusion that our customers are equally impressed by our products and our service. This makes us one of the leading companies in the field of medical technology for med. central gas supply systems in Germany. Over 80 percent of those questioned would recommend us to others. 

The customer survey on the med. central gas supply systems comprised eight questions. The customers had the opportunity to vote on the basis of an index scale, whereby a school grade was determined. These questions included, among other things, satisfaction with the department, quality of customer service, satisfaction with the performance characteristics of the products, quality and performance compared to the competition, and the overall impression.

Baldus Medizintechnik achieves top marks at med. central gas supply systems

With central gas supply systems, it is very important that customers are satisfied with the service. In the event of problems or inquiries, the orderly operational sequence is maintained. So we wanted to know from our customers what their customer service experience was like. We received good reviews, especially the quick response times via telephone and e-mail were highlighted. We see ourselves confirmed in our service work.

The performance characteristics of our products were particularly praised in the customer survey. The customers were enthusiastic about the design, security and user friendliness. We received top marks from our customers for all of these aspects. We are a family company that was founded in 1993. Since the beginning we have attached great importance to the selection of our suppliers and partners. Today more than 500 operating centers, hospitals and laboratories are among our customers.

Our service, product and service quality compared to the competition

As our customer survey has shown, we have been able to build up excellent customer service with high-quality and, above all, safe products. The individual care and competent advice make a particular difference here. The overall impression shows that over 75 percent of those questioned rate the aspects of product / service quality, price and service significantly more positively than the competition.

Conclusion: Our customers are from our department of med. central gas supply enthusiastic

The customer survey shows that our customers, regarding our department of med. central gas supply are extremely enthusiastic. For us at Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH, however, the extremely good result is by no means a reason to rest. In the future we will continue to improve our central gas supply systems and our service.

This will continue to ensure satisfied customers, because it saves a considerable amount of time. In addition, all devices are coordinated with one another, which is why day-to-day operations can be more organized and efficient.

Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH from Germany

The family company Baldus® Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1993 and is ISO certified (currently ISO 13485). The range of services includes sales, planning, assembly, maintenance and service of nitrous oxide sedation systems, medical gas systems, medical UPS systems, compressor systems and anesthetic gas scavenging systems.

In addition, we use a ZGA security check to ensure that all institutions can immediately query whether their medical gas system complies with today's regulations.

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