Your strong partner for medical gas supply

You probably know the problem that being dependent on an external service provider can also lead to problems. This cannot be foreseen within the selection process, as the service provider's performance only becomes visible after weeks or months. However, other factors also play a role: For example, the skills of the service, personality, but also quality and speed.

We are your strong partner in medical gas supply! With the help of a powerful team of experts, we have already mastered every kind of challenge. Our customers include over 500 outpatient operating centers and hospitals across Europe. The number is steadily increasing. The secret of our success lies above all in reliability. You can rely on us because we have a trained - as we call it - task force ready, which you will certainly be happy to have by your side.

Performance in the service industry

The efficiency of a service provider is of decisive importance, since the operational process can be impaired, especially with medical gas supply. So what does performance mean for us? Your needs are individual and therefore you will receive a personal contact from us. Open questions? Problems? No problem. Your contact person is there for you.

A clear specialty is that work is carried out extremely flexibly, quickly and within budget. For us this is a matter of course. You will also only receive real quality from Germany. 

But what is important to us? What counts for us are the values practiced by our medium-sized family company: trust, service and innovation.

This is how we work with you

We have been a medium-sized family company for 25 years. Since then, we have paid attention to the best possible quality and in-depth knowledge in the team. You benefit in particular from concentrated know-how and a competent service team that is deployed across Europe.

Security through our service

We guarantee that each of our employees is an expert in their field. The work is done on time, cleanly, quickly and, above all, flexibly with 100 percent reliability. Since our foundation and our range of medical gas supply, this has always ensured a high level of customer satisfaction.

We provide the following security and advantages:

  • First class service quality
  • Maximum reliability
  • Emergency number 24/7 in the event of a malfunction
  • Contact person

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 Appendix II and go through a constant quality management process.

Our services at a glance

With regard to maintenance and service, you have the following services from us:

  • Central medical gas supply systems (O2, CO2, N2O)
  • Medical compressor systems
  • Medical vacuum systems and medical filtration
  • Central compressed air systems for generating breathing air and for surgical instruments
  • Medical gas extraction points for AGFS / anesthetic suction
  • Distribution network for medical compressed air (purity according to European pharmacopoeia)
  • Ceiling supply units
  • Media supply units
  • Connection devices as well as suction units and cylinder pressure regulators
  • High purity laboratory gas supply systems

The planning and assembly of the listed equipment will also be done by us.

Conclusion: We are your strong partner!

Medical gas supply systems need a strong partner! The devices are essential for the operational processes in hospitals, operating centers, veterinary clinics and therefore require a competent team in the background. In the event of any malfunctions, you also need a reliable and fast service, which you will receive from us.

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