Medi­cal gas sup­ply sys­tems for hos­pi­tals and ope­ra­ting theaters

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We sand a small but all the more power­ful team of experts for the medi­cal gas sup­ply. As a tra­di­tio­nal com­pany, we have more than 25 years of expe­ri­ence in this field medi­cal gas plant con­struc­tion. We already look after over 500 out­pa­ti­ent sur­gi­cal cen­ters and hos­pi­tals in Europe. 

at cen­tral gas sup­ply sys­tems ope­ra­tio­nal and sup­ply secu­rity are cru­cial. That’s why we rely on first-class qua­lity in assem­bly and ser­vice. This is how we gua­ran­tee maxi­mum relia­bi­lity. In the event of a fault, we can be on site wit­hin a very short time and ensure that the medi­cal gas sup­ply sys­tems work again without pro­blems as quickly as possible.

The basis of our ser­vice qua­lity is per­so­nal sup­port and pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­tence. Just like our qua­lity manage­ment: We are after EN ISO 13485 and ready for the new one MDR. This makes us pro­ven experts for ser­vice, main­ten­ance, plan­ning and instal­la­tion of cen­tral medi­cal gas sup­ply sys­tems and media sup­ply in hos­pi­tals and sur­gi­cal centers.

For us, per­for­mance means: we take care of you indi­vi­du­ally, are your per­so­nal con­tact, work fle­xi­bly, quickly and wit­hin bud­get. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need, but ever­ything you need for your suc­cess­ful work!

Safety for your med. gas supply

  • Medium-sized family company
  • Fle­xi­ble, fast, on budget
  • Indi­vi­dual advice and con­cept development
  • Excel­lent service
  • High-qua­lity pro­ducts made in Germany
  • Manu­fac­tu­rer-inde­pen­dent pro­duct portfolio
  • Carry out ZGA secu­rity check online

Hos­pi­tals and sur­gi­cal cen­ters all over Europe rely on real qua­lity Made in Ger­many.

High qua­lity pro­ducts for medi­cal Hos­pi­tal and sur­gi­cal cen­ter gas sys­tems you can rely on.

Ser­vice & maintenance 

To our ser­vice and main­ten­ance in the field of medi­cal gas sup­ply, inclu­des the annual main­ten­ance of the medi­cal com­pres­sed air sup­ply, the medi­cal oxy­gen sup­ply, the medi­cal vacuum sys­tem, as well as the main­ten­ance of each indi­vi­dual medi­cal gas extrac­tion point and the cei­ling sup­ply units in ope­ra­ting theaters.

In addi­tion to these ser­vice and main­ten­ance ser­vices, we work clo­sely with our main­ten­ance part­ners at all times and sup­port you in every situa­tion. BFor us, the cus­to­mer comes first and gets to your med. gases by our trai­ned tech­ni­ci­ans All-round care­free ser­vice down to the smal­lest detail. 

About our emer­gency num­ber our tech­ni­ci­ans can be reached at any time. In an emer­gency, we are the­re­fore ready for action wit­hin a very short time in order to gua­ran­tee trou­ble-free pro­ces­ses in your hos­pi­tal or sur­gery cen­ter at all times. The pro­per func­tio­n­ing of your med. Gas plant is our mission. 

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Team Service

Medi­cal com­pres­sed air is one of the most cen­tral com­pon­ents in a hos­pi­tal. With the annual main­ten­ance at the com­pres­sor sta­tion, we ensure that your ever­y­day hos­pi­tal rou­tine runs smoothly. For this pur­pose, the com­pres­sors are put through their paces by our trai­ned team of tech­ni­ci­ans and all important wear parts are replaced.

But the area of com­pres­sed air sup­ply does not just include com­pres­sors. In order to be able to use com­pres­sors for medi­cal pur­po­ses, the instal­led air com­pres­sors must have com­pres­sed air tre­at­ment in accordance with DIN ISO 7396–1. The com­pres­sed air tre­at­ment pre­vents viru­ses and sus­pen­ded mat­ter, con­den­sate and oils from get­ting into the breat­hing air used for pati­ents. To ensure this, a large num­ber of fil­ter units are required.

Jan Schmitz

Your con­tact person

Jan Schmitz

Head of Service

+49 (0)261/96 38 926 ‑34

The con­den­sate that occurs when the air is com­pres­sed must also be fil­te­red out of the line. Adsorp­tion dry­ers are used for this pur­pose. It is important that the desiccant bed, which fil­ters the water from the com­pres­sed air, is repla­ced annu­ally. Other­wise there is a very high pro­ba­bi­lity that con­den­sate will collect in the medi­cal com­pres­sed air and germs will deve­lop. The pati­ent would inhale this unfil­te­red and cause enor­mous damage. The medi­cal breat­hing air is con­si­de­red to be a medi­ci­nal pro­duct pro­du­ced on site and must be pro­du­ced, pro­ces­sed and tes­ted accord­in­gly by the operator.

The medi­cal com­pres­sed air, which is con­veyed for pati­ents and staff in hos­pi­tals, is stored in com­pres­sed air tanks. These usually have a capa­city of about 1000 liters. The tanks are sub­jec­ted to a visual inspec­tion by an expert every 5 years and a strength test using water every 10 years. The com­pany Bal­dus Medi­cal GmbH & Co. KG is avail­able to our cus­to­mers for this purpose.

Medi­cal oxy­gen sup­ply is also a cen­tral com­po­nent in a hos­pi­tal. This is ensu­red by means of a cold gasi­fi­ca­tion tank and an oxy­gen swit­ching sys­tem. A large num­ber of seals are repla­ced on an annual basis. This is par­ti­cu­larly important as the oxy­gen remo­ves plasti­ci­zers from the rub­ber of the seals. This cau­ses seals to become porous and leaky. Sud­den burs­t­ing of the seals can be the result. In order to pre­vent a leaky oxy­gen sys­tem, all oxy­gen con­nec­tion seals and wea­ring parts of the pres­sure regu­la­tor instal­led in the medi­cal gas sys­tem are repla­ced during the annual main­ten­ance of the medi­cal oxy­gen system.

Che­cking the medi­cal gas out­lets in pati­ent rooms as well as in ope­ra­ting rooms is a very important and necessary task. When reviewing the med. Our ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans not only check gas extrac­tion points for func­tion, but also che­cking for the cor­rect type of grass is an inte­gral part of the annual check. Since a lea­king med. If the gas extrac­tion point not only dis­rupts day-to-day ope­ra­ti­ons, but also leads to incre­a­sed con­sump­tion of the indi­vi­dual gases and poses a safety risk, Bal­dus Medi­cal GmbH & Co. KG recom­mends repla­cing the seals every 6 years. The seals of the gas extrac­tion points usually lose their strength after this time.


We have been your spe­cia­list for the assem­bly of medi­cal gas sys­tems for over 25 years and are cer­ti­fied accord­ing to EN 73485. The reli­able sup­ply of hos­pi­tals and out­pa­ti­ent sur­gi­cal cen­ters (MVZ) with medi­cal gases is our top prio­rity. In the field of medi­cal gas sup­ply, we offer the hig­hest qua­lity in the instal­la­tion of com­pres­sor sys­tems, oxy­gen sys­tems, vacuum sys­tems and cei­ling sup­ply units (DVE).

The sys­tems instal­led by us are in accordance with the latest stan­dards and requi­re­ments ISO 7396–1 plan­ned. The plan­ning takes place in close coope­ra­tion with the cus­to­mer, so that the cen­tral gas sup­ply is built accord­ing to the needs and requi­re­ments of the ope­ra­tor, the sur­ge­ons and the anesthe­sio­lo­gists. We always keep them up to date with the latest tech­no­logy and cur­rent stan­dards and gui­de­li­nes. Each sys­tem is care­fully che­cked after com­ple­tion and recei­ves a cer­ti­fi­cate after acceptance.

Dominic Weber

Your con­tact person

Domi­nic Weber

Aut­ho­ri­zed signa­tory / assem­bly and pro­ject management

+49 (0)261/96 38 926 ‑15

We attach great impor­t­ance to regu­lar trai­ning for our fit­ters and tech­ni­ci­ans. In addi­tion to the pro­ject mana­ger, you always have an addi­tio­nal com­pe­tent con­tact per­son on your con­struc­tion site.

In the first con­struc­tion phase, our assem­bly team will install it Medga’s pipe­line net­work and the area con­trol units. This assem­bly sec­tion is car­ried out when the floor plans of the indi­vi­dual rooms have been deter­mi­ned and the walls have been plan­ned on one side. Initial pre­pa­ra­ti­ons are also made for instal­ling the cei­ling sup­ply units and sur­gi­cal lights by instal­ling the substructures.

In the second and final con­struc­tion phase, our assem­bly team works tog­e­ther with our tech­ni­ci­ans to com­plete the medi­cal gas sup­ply. Com­pres­sors and oxy­gen sys­tems are instal­led, tap­ping points are instal­led and put into ope­ra­tion and the cei­ling sup­ply units are instal­led. This is fol­lo­wed by the tests in accordance with DIN ISO 7396–1, as well as the accep­t­ance and inst­ruc­tion tog­e­ther with the prac­tice team by the pro­ject mana­ger. Your medi­cal gases are going into ope­ra­tion for the first time.

We would be happy to advise you on a per­so­nal phone call or at an on-site appoint­ment and are at your dis­po­sal at any time with regard to your hos­pi­tal plan­ning, prac­tice plan­ning or reno­va­tion work.

How fit is your medi­cal gas sys­tem? Do the secu­rity check now ISO 7396–1:2016.

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Lisa Baldus

Lisa Bal­dus
Aut­ho­ri­zed offi­cer / qua­lity manage­ment officer

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Dominic Weber

  Domi­nic Weber 
Aut­ho­ri­zed offi­cer / assem­bly and pro­ject management

T +49 (0) 261/ 96 38 926–15

Jan Schmitz

Jan Schmitz
Ser­vice manage­ment

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Bettina Wall

Bet­tina Wall
Manage­ment inter­nal duties

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Melanie Rämer

  Mela­nie Rämer 
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Michael Fiebig

Michael Fie­big
ser­vice engi­neer

Medi­cal device con­sul­tant

Wolfram Kaul

Wolf­ram Kaul
ser­vice engineer

Medi­cal device consultant

Arne Krahwinkel

  Arne Krah­win­kel 
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Medi­cal device con­sul­tant

Dustin Becker

Dus­tin Becker
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Nasir Ahmed Ashraf
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Simon Buc­kow
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Alex Lewin

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Wolfgang Schuon

Vol­gan Shuon

Medi­cal device consultant

Peter Gutte

  Peter Gutte

Medi­cal device con­sul­tant

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Ferid Mus­a­no­vic

Maxim Poveleit

Maxim Pove­leit

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